Pond trooper Glow-in-the-Duck

Pondtrooper Glow-in-the-Duck Come to the Duck Side

The strength of the emperor and the empire itself will be enough to defeat the rebels. With the help of an army of Pond Troopers, the empire will swarm the baths of the Dagobah system and crush the rebelion.

All Glow-in-the-Duck products have a colour changing LED inside which is activated by water. The duck then slowly phases through different colours creating a fun atmospheric light for the bathroom.

Batteries included. The battery lifetime is approximately 30 hours use – this is the equivalent to 120 fifteen minute baths. The batteries are replaceable and use three LR44 (AG13) button cells.Turn to the Dark Side of your bath tub…with this Imperial Pondtrooper!

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