Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a lovely way to celebrate Easter Sunday and great fun for children of all ages. You don’t need to spend a fortune – you can pick up little chocolate eggs and plastic eggs (in which to hide little treats) really cheaply at supermarkets and pound shops. You don’t even need special baskets – any little baskets, buckets or bags will do. You could even get the children to decorate some paper bags before they start.


Before you start

It’s always good to set a few ground rules before you start the hunt to ensure things are kept fair. Try the following:

  • Create a base and ask each child to return to it once they have collected 5 eggs. They should stay there until all the children have returned before setting out again. That way you can ensure they all get the same amount of eggs.
  • If you have a large group of children, pair the younger ones up with the older ones. Small children can be overwhelmed by older kids so it works better if they can work in teams.
  • Rules on chocolate consumption are essential (unless you want a garden/house full of hyper children!) so make sure they have a clear understanding of how much they can eat. A few eggs once the hunt has finished is perfectly acceptable and the rest can be taken home for them to eat over the Easter holidays.
  • Overall, an Easter egg hunt should be fun and enjoyable for everyone so set rules you know will work according to the ages and needs of the children involved. Just simple things like sharing, taking turns and being patient can make all the difference to how things run.

Easter Hunt Ideas

  • Go to the woods

Head for the woods and make Easter egg hunts even more exciting in the great outdoors. Hide little Easter eggs or treats all around. You can use clues to lead them from one egg to the next or simply let them roam free and collect as many eggs as possible.

  • Active treasure hunt

Set up different ‘activity posts’ around the garden or park that ask the children to complete various physical challenges before they start searching for more eggs. They could include star jumps, running up and down a path, doing a silly dance.

  • Colour coded hunt

Wrap little eggs and treats in different coloured tissue paper and then give each child a colour. Hide the treats all round the house, garden or park and the children must hunt themĀ  – only taking treats in their colour to pop in their baskets.

  • Pirate treasure hunt

Why not mix things up a bit with a pirate theme to grab their attention? Lay out a special map on the ground and let them use it to find the ‘hidden treasure’. You could even make a treasure map to lead the chidlren to their bounty.

There are some great Easter Hunt Baskets, and other goodies available via the below link.

Easter Hunt

Have a fun Easter everyone, don’t eat too many eggs!