Happy Mother’s Day

M Day

Some interesting Facts and figures concerning the big day……

  • According to the Flowers & Plants Association, Mother’s Day is the biggest event in the UK’s cut flower and indoor plant industry. At this time of year the UK’s sales of cut flowers and indoor plants increase by an average of 40% on a normal day’s trading.
  • Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for eating out, so if you want to treat your mum, you had better book a table early!
  • According to the British Retail Consortium around £45 million is spent on Mother’s Day cards with around 30 million cards sent, and around £55 million is spent on chocolates, with around 4 million people buying a box for their Mum.
  • Phone calls increase up to 37% on Mother’s Day.
  • There are approximately 2 billion mothers in the world, with 4 babies born each second.

Why does the date differ from year to year?

Mother’s Day in its present form has its origins in the US and date back to the creation of mother’s groups, whose sons had fought in the Civil War. The origins of the British date are a little more complicated. Some believe that Mother’s Day may have originally derived from a 16th-century practice of visiting the ‘mother church’ – the main church in the region, on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

So officially we should be calling it Mothering Sunday, a religious festival occurring on the 4th Sunday of Lent. Mother’s Day is now largely a secular celebration, becoming one of the biggest occasions for gift giving and card sending after Christmas.